Workplaces and institutions


The key point of the Tobacco Act is that no-one should be exposed to environmental tobacco smoke at work. This applies to all workplaces.

Smoking is prohibited “in the indoor areas of buildings, vehicles or similar places that are accessible to the public or employees or accessible to customers for the purpose of providing commercial or public services.”

The smoking ban also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes and herbal products intended for smoking.

Smoking premises located in indoor premises of workplaces must meet the same requirements as smoking premises in restaurants. For example, the exhaust air must be led out of the smoking premises and may not be used as circulated air.

With the exception of indoor premises used for family day care, the smoking ban is not applied to work undertaken in private homes or working areas used exclusively by members of the same family and other people residing in the same household.

For this reason, prison guards, cleaners, practical nurses and social instructors, among other occupational groups, may still be exposed to tobacco smoke in their work.

Educational institutes

Smoking is prohibited in the indoor and outdoor areas of day-care centers or facilities providing pre-primary, comprehensive, vocational or secondary school education.  The smoking ban also applies to electronic cigarettes and smoke-free tobacco products, such as snus.

The smoking ban applies to the students and personnel of the institute as well as external visitors. A student who, despite having received a notice from the management, continues to violate the smoking ban, has committed a smoking offence and can be ordered to pay a fine. The fine is imposed based on a notice by the school management.

The management of the institute must inform the staff and students of the smoking ban. In addition, the school must instruct its personnel to intervene if someone violates the smoking ban.

The ban is in force 24 hours

The smoking ban is in force at all times, including evenings and holidays. Also, the sale of tobacco products is prohibited at day-care centers, schools and educational institutes as well as their outdoor areas.