This is what we do

ASH Finland (Action on Smoking and Health) is a national public health organisation and tobacco policy expert established in 1989.


Our objective is tobacco- and nicotine-free Finland. We promote to end the use of tobacco and other nicotine products as well as intoxicant-free lifestyle.


We work with the aim of ending the use of tobacco and nicotine products and promoting a responsible alcohol policy.


To free individuals, society and the environment from suffering the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine products. To minimise the harms caused by alcohol consumption through responsible policy.

The Board


Mr. Pekka Puska, MD, Professor

Vice chair

Mrs. Outi Palkama, Master of Sport and Health Sciences


Mr. Mikael Ekblad, MD
Mr. Heikki Hiilamo, Professor
Mr. Vesa Korpelainen, terveydenhuoltoneuvos (Finnish honorary title)
Mr. Juha Mikkonen, PhD
Mrs. Annamari Rouhos, MD
Mr. Olli Simonen, MD
Mrs. Tuula Vasankari, MD, Professor

Executive director of ASH Finland is Mrs. Mervi Hara, MA (Pol.) mervi.hara@suomenash.fi

Contact us

  • when you want to know more about  tobacco policy in Finland
  • national plans to reach endgame
  • need to have information on progress in tobacco control in Finland